Sweeney’s Academy offers “hands-on” workshops to those who wish to sharpen their barber skills.
Our workshops are delivered in Sweeney’s Barbershop Chilliwack, a fun traditional barbershop atmosphere
where you will learn new techniques that enable you to deliver a professional gentleman’s haircut in your own salon or barbershop.

Call 604 769 1144 to book or for more information.


Straight Razor Shave

A one day workshop to learn the fundamentals of delivering a safe straight razor shave. 

Participants are required to bring shave brush and straight safety razor plus a model.



Taper & Fade

A one day workshop that teaches you how to use tools of the trade to fine tune the skill of the fade….from basic tapering to the perfect skin fade.

Participants are required to bring brushes, combs, clippers, trimmers and scissors plus a model.